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This is turning out to be quite the summer. In case any of you are the tl;dr type, there will be a snippet for you at the end.

First, a point of business. In the last journal entry I mentioned changing some of my works to premium content. Some of the works I chose are already in the gallery. Others have yet to be posted. I will make the change within the month; this isn't a pressing issue at the moment. Here is the list:
    1. Parallel
    2. Words Left Unspoken, or The Sunset-Emblazoned Sky
    3. Resplendent Dawn - contest version (yet to be posted)
    4. Colors*

*Colors is a set of poems I am writing as the libretto for a dramatic soliloquy (solo tenor plus SATB choir and yet-to-be-determined additional instrumentation). "Black," the first in the set, will remain free to view. The other seven, when posted, will be premium content. 

Now, to something I will briefly explain on here and in further detail in my blog's inaugural post. This past week, I participated in a an event hosted by New Fangled Opera called Opera Presto, which translates to something like 'opera really fast.' What went down was a bunch of people went to New Orleans, split into two groups with each including a composer, librettist, director, and singers, and wrote and performed short operas within about two days. I was in a group as a librettist with Monica Pearce as composer and Alexander H. Trice as director, and together we came up with Persephone, a roughly fifteen-minute-long one-act about a speculated first manned mission to Pluto.

Here's the cast of Persephone, listed alphabetically by singer:
    NASA Dispatcher - Laura Booras
    Seina - Molly Dahlberg
    Dream Seina - Sarah Aragon
    Eric - Daniel Foltz-Morrison
and not to forget the pianist, Liliia Oliinyk, or the people who organized this amazing event, Chris and Shelley Burton!

Everyone who was involved in Opera Presto is so very talented; I am thankful to have been a part of it. I learned a lot, and New Orleans is such an interesting place. Given the chance to do something like this again, I definitely would.…

tl;dr Some stuff on here will be premium content soon. Also, I went to a thing where we wrote operas really really fast.

Now, for some music...

A cool-sounding set of piano etudes with convenient-score-is-convenient video. 

An aesthetically pleasing work for solo koto.

A famous piece of Japanese court music.

And to round it off, the opening track of August Burns Red's new album!


Resplendent-Dawn's Profile Picture
Traix Heiden
Artist | Student | Literature
United States
The music and literature of Traix Heiden reflect many interests, including Japanese poetry and court music. Consequently, Traix’s music often involves expanded musical gestures that manipulate time and timbre, and his literature shows the influence of narratives originating from Japan. His output includes works for small and large instrumental ensembles, choral music and keyboard music. Much of his music is directly or indirectly related to his creative literature output. An ongoing project is the composition of a large multi-movement work for wind ensemble and narrator, based on one of Traix’s original stories, a novel in progress, which is part of an umbrella project codenamed “Saralied.” This project seeks to encompass many genres of both music and literature, often intertwined and cross-pollinating. Myriad styles and genres influence his work, notably the Western and Japanese classical traditions, metal, and literature from the science fiction, fantasy, and horror traditions. Traix is currently studying composition Truman State University under the tutelage of Dr. Warren Gooch.

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I have an account on SoundCloud. The pieces I have on there are in a variety of styles, but only "Tarantella" is a live recording. If you want to see sheet music or some of my vocal works, I can send you an email.
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My only problem with that book is the third part: I though it was a little rushed and less cohesive than the previous two. 
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